Why Planning is so important - The POMME method.

Everyone can plan and manage.

Everyone is capable of planning and managing - we all do it all the time. We drive events instead of being driven by them.
As I said in my previous article, a good UX Designer should also has PR skills.
"Public Relations practice is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics". Indeed, it involves a dialogue where an organization and its various publics seek to listen to each other and understand each other. This will usually result in some change or action by the parties involved.

Why planning is important.

  • It focuses effort: it ensures the unnecessary is excluded. It makes you work on the right things. It helps you work smart instead of just working hard.
  • It improves effectiveness: by working on the right things, defined objectives will be achieved.
  • It encourages the long-term view: to plan you have to look ahead. It helps you to produce a structured programme to meet future as well as current needs.
  • It helps demonstrate value for money: if there is a fight for budgets, then demonstrating past achievements gives you a point from which to argue your case for money.
  • It minimize mishaps: Different scenarios have been considered and the most appropriate selected.
  • It reconciles conflicts: Planning helps you confront difficulties. It is better to sort them out at the planning stage than in the middle of a complex, time-constrained programme.
  • It facilitates proactivity: Obviously, proactivity means taking control and making things happen rather than just adjusting to a situation or waiting for something to happen.

POMME method - the 5 questions to answer before starting working on your project.

  • Who do I want to talk to? (Who are my Publics?)
  • What do I want to achieve? (What are my Objectives?)
  • What do I want to say? (What are the Messages I want to get across?)
  • How shall I say it? (What Mechanisms shall I use to get my messages across?)
  • How do I know I have got it right? (How will I Evaluate my work?)

In order to answer these questions there are two major requirements:

  • Information: finding out everything there is to know about the task in hand - careful research and analysis.
  • Strategy: using that information to identify the guiding principles and main thrust of the programme.

Here a simple graphic that I have done to show you "The strategic management process".

Source: “Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns” by Anne Gregory.
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