Why a good UX Designer must be an excellent Communicator.

I know that huge organizations have a Marketing team filled with skilled Public Relations practitioners who tell designers what to write in their works. This is why this article talks about the job that a UX Designer should do in a StartUp.

Those who do not know what the role of a Public Relation practitioner is within an organization should understand that Public Relations is about reputation - the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.
Public Relations practice is the discipline which looks after the reputation with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behavior. It has to contribute directly to business success.

If the company has a good reputation the evidence is that people are more likely to:

  • try its new products;
  • buy its shares;
  • believe its advertising;
  • want to work for it;
  • do business with it when all other things are equal;
  • support it in difficult times;
  • give it higher financial value;

Communication is intelligence.

The job of a UX Designer should also be to communicate and build relationships with all the organization’s publics. Being able to represent the views of the external publics and their likely reactions to decisions is a vital perspective that UX Designers can bring to strategic planning.
Indeed, being able to make sense of the environment, UX Designers not only provide intelligence to the strategic development process but contribute to the general decision-making within organizations.

As you can see I described the role of a UX Designer as similar to the Public Relations professional. In fact, in a StartUp environment, a good UX Designer should firstly be an excellent communicator having Public Relations skills.

Communication skills.

At a tactical level, the role of public relations practitioner is to manage appropriate communication between an organization and its stakeholders and vice versa by ensuring that both the content and the technique are suitable and timely.

The importance of communication.

The communication is designed to influence behavior.
The publics are responsible for the destiny of the organization for good and ill. As a result of this, good communication enhances the opportunities that are presented to organizations by both identifying them early and facilitating the actions that are required to capitalize on them.

Source: “Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns” by Anne Gregory.
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